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kerr_fics's Journal

Kerr's Fan Fics
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This is a place for all of my fan fics. I write all different kinds of fan fics, from slash to het. The fandoms represented in this are The Rasmus, Top Gear, Due South, Diagnosis Murder, Jackass, Flylow, HIM and Nightwish.
Please note this is for my fics only, you can give me feedback-it's encouraged-but please don't post new topics. If you want to share your fics please go onto Slashy Forum or The Rasmus Romance Forum.

If you want to give me feedback or ask questions about this community, please do so here. You can also see pictures of all the people I've written about.
I have listed all my stories here. I have tags here which if you click just shows you all the fics I've written in that one fandom. Also if you check out my memories here then you can see all my stories organised into ratings. Hopefully you will be able to find what you want using those three things.

If you want to know more about me;
My myspace page
My personal Livejournal

Check out my forums for me:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Rasmus Romance Forum
International Flylow Forum
The Rasmus Chill Forum
Script Of Flood Forum
Flylow Family LiveJournal Group

Just to note slash is male/male homosexual pairings. If you feel offended by this please keep walking and don't come in. Inside there are some NC-17 stories, I trust you not to look in them if you don't want to read.
An overall disclaimer:
None of these stories documents the truth. It is all fiction, so none of it ever happened. I don't own anyone I write about except for the original characters (OMC/OFC). Pleas note the TV shows I write about the characters and general story line belongs to the producers only, I make no claims on them. All of these stories are written by me so the content and ideas are mine alone. Do not take without asking.

Kerr xx