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Happy Slashy Christmas [Dec. 2nd, 2006|04:17 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Happy Slashy Christmas

Warning: crossdressing

“Aki! You’re such a spoil sport!” Lauri wines in Aki’s ear for what seems like the 100th time in the half an hour it took at get to Eero and Pauli’s house.
“The Father Christmas suit was awful Lauri. Way too big and hot as hell.”
“But it’s meant to be dressing up! You’re meant to look awful.”
“That’s why I’m wearing the elf costume.”
“Hmm, bit tight on you isn’t it?” Lauri scans his boyfriend’s tight green costume. It shows off everything. Lauri licks his lips looking over Aki’s body. He had to admit that Aki wouldn’t have looked as sexy in his over sized Santa costume.
“You love it really.”
“Well, maybe I do. But now I look ridiculous! Remember we were meant to be going as Mr and Mrs Claus.” Lauri pouts and shivers a bit. The tiny skirt not offering the protection against the harsh Finnish weather that he would like.
“Cold?” Lauri just nods his head in reply. Aki wraps his green covered arms around Lauri giving him a warming hug.
“I think I’ll forgive you.” Aki giggles slightly and smacks Lauri lightly on his arse making Lauri squeal like a girl.
“You’re a girl really aren’t you?”
“You’ve seen that’s not true.” Lauri gives a cheeky wink back before running up Eero and Pauli’s drive, eager to get into the house and, hopefully, warmth. He rings the doorbell a few times and hears a voice inside swearing loudly and falling over things. Finally, just as Aki joins Lauri at the door an annoyed looking Eero opens the door to them, letting a stream of warm air surround the cold two. They both look Eero up and down.
“Hi you two!”
“Hi. Erm, did we interrupt something?” Lauri asks. Eero stands there confused for a few minutes before looking down and realising he’s wearing only a short skirt that looks very similar to Lauri’s.
“Oops, sorry. We’re running a bit behind. Still getting dressed.” Eero looks more uncomfortable when he realises Aki’s gaze rests firmly on his chest. “So, come on in quickly, before you get too cold.” Eero tries to cover up his embarrassment and awkwardness. It seems to snap Aki out of his trance, just in time too because he was beginning to drool. Eero lets the pair of them in before running back to the bedroom to get dressed properly. “Pauli’s in the front room!” He shouts from behind the door.
“Hi Pauli!” Lauri shouts and goes to give Pauli a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Aki just nods in the background, not wanting to crush Pauli.
“Hi you two, take a seat.” Pauli gestures to the sofa before taking his place in a white leather chair.
“See, I shouldn’t have worn that Santa costume, Pauli and I would have looked the same.”
“Well maybe I should be going out with Pauli instead then.”
“I’d think Eero would be easier to live with than you!”
“The two little ones fighting again?” Eero walks into the room and whispers into Pauli’s ear before sitting on Pauli’s lap and kissing him roughly. Eero moans into Pauli’s mouth as his hand wonders up Eero’s sensitive thigh under his bright red skirt. When they part, they see Aki sprawled out on the sofa drooling at the sight while Lauri sits there with his arms crossed and pouting. Eero chooses to ignore the salivating Aki whose eyes have focused on where Pauli’s hand has ended up and focuses on Lauri instead.
“What’s wrong Lauri?”
“You stole my idea and Aki wants you more,” Lauri wines childishly, still pouting.
“Not true! You look so good in that skirt Lauri, a lot better than Eero or anyone else!” Aki tries to cheer up his disgruntled lover, finally able to tear his eyes away from Pauli’s hand.
“Thanks,” mutters Eero.
“It shows off your gorgeous legs and beautiful ass perfectly.” Aki just ignores Eero and carries on.
“So you just want sex is that it?” Lauri replies weakly, knowing that he’s not angry anymore and he has melted because of Aki’s words.
“I always want sex with you Lauri.” Aki whispers into Lauri’s ear before nipping at it playfully causing a shiver to roll down Lauri’s spine.
Pauli coughs loudly breaking the mood between the two.
“Drink then?” Eero gets up and starts pouring out orange juices for them.
Lauri screws up his nose at the drinks. “As long as vodka is going to be added to them.”
“You know it’s not good for you to be drinking so much.”
“Vodka,” is Lauri’s only growl back. Eero tuts and puts in some vodka into Aki’s and Lauri’s glass.
“Hey what about me?”
“Pauli, if you stay sober I’ll give you that present you wanted.” Eero slyly glances over to where Aki and Lauri are now drinking and Pauli’s face lights up.
“Yes, but later OK?” Pauli grins at Eero, hoping that Aki and Lauri will agree to the Christmas present.

“You’re drunk Aki.” Eero tells Aki while Aki’s hand keeps making its way under Eero’s and Lauri’s skirt, Eero batting his hand away and Lauri moaning as Aki’s hand slides higher.
“Yes I am,” Aki replies, his speech slurred.
“Can we start with the Christmas present giving?” Pauli pleads with Eero.
“OK, we can if you want.” Pauli almost jumps out of his seat in excitement but keeps it down at the last minute, knowing that he cannot blow the surprise.
“Present time!” An over excited Lauri jumps up and runs over to where he’d put Eero’s and Pauli’s present earlier, almost taking Aki’s hand with him.
Lauri soon comes running back, a carrier bag slung over his back, giggling as he goes. He picks out two small red parcels and hands them to the others, his eyes gleaming with excitement. Eero and Pauli rip off the wrapping quickly, eager to get to the present inside.
“Flavoured condoms?”
“KY Jelly?” Eero and Pauli shout together.
“Well, we thought it would be useful for you. Aki, stop staring at Eero’s legs.” Lauri hits Aki on the shoulder. Aki just drunkenly grins at Lauri, too drunk to even register what Lauri’s talking about, and starts staring at Lauri’s legs instead. Lauri just rolls his eyes at his horny, drunk partner. “So, what about our presents?” Asks Lauri, trying not too sound excited but failing badly.
“Well, Pauli and I got talking,” Pauli grabs Eero’s hand and grins widely at him before Eero continues, “You remember when you three wanted a foursome but I said I wouldn’t? Well I couldn’t think of a present this year and it seemed a good alterative.” Eero giggles slightly.
“Really? You mean it?” Eero and Pauli nod to Lauri who’s mouth is wide open. Lauri nudges the Aki shaped space beside him before noticing that he’s gone. He looks around in confusion for a brief minute before seeing that Aki has already moved to Eero and is running his hand up Eero’s thigh looking like he’s just won the first prize. Lauri opens his mouth to say something but decides against it, thinking that he should just join in and enjoy. He gets up and crosses the room to sit on Pauli’s lap before kissing him. They are soon distracted by a loud moan in the corner. They both look around to see that Aki’s hand has reached its destination and Eero is the one moaning. Lauri gets up off Pauli’s lap and drags Pauli with him to where Eero is sitting with his legs spread, Aki’s hand on his now erect cock and stroking it gently. Lauri kneels in front of Eero and lifts Eero’s dress up slightly so he can get full access to Eero’s erection while Pauli kisses Eero passionately. Aki’s and Lauri’s eyes meet and Aki nods, knowing what Lauri wants to do. Aki kneels down along side Lauri and they keep eye contact as the move there heads closer together, giving each other a small kiss before licking at Eero’s cock at the same time. Eero immediately breaks Pauli’s kiss and gasps in shock and pleasure. He looks down to see Lauri and Aki open mouthed kissing around his now very hard cock. Pauli follows Eero’s gaze and feels the blood travel to his groin as he sees the erotic sight. He has to reach down and adjust himself and Eero notices. He reaches down to undo Pauli’s trousers and pushes his hand into Pauli’s boxers and stokes his cock firmly. Pauli groans loudly enjoying the feel of Eero’s hand on his cock. Aki looks up an sees what Eero’s doing and tries to pull down Pauli’s boxers unsuccessfully. Pauli lifts his hips slightly and pulls off his boxers and trousers down to his knees before Aki’s hand joins Eero’s and starts twisting and squeezing lightly. Lauri meanwhile moves his lips to the head of Eero’s cock and starts sucking causing Eero’s head to roll back and start moaning louder. After a few minutes of teasing the head of his cock Lauri takes more of his cock into his mouth and deep throats him, his head bobbing in a steady rhythm. Aki moves his mouth to Eero’s balls and starts licking and massaging them with his free hand. Lauri reaches down and puts his hand in his own boxers and rubs his cock hard. He moans around Eero’s cock triggering Eero’s release. Aki feels Eero’s balls rise slightly as he screams and cums into Lauri’s mouth. Eero’s hand temporarily stills on Pauli’s cock making Pauli groan in disappointment being so close to his release and not being able to get it. Lauri swallows every bit of Eero’s cum greedily before removing his mouth. He licks his lips before pulling up Aki so he’s now on his knees. Lauri pulls off the green tights and shorts knowing Aki never wears anything under his clothes. Lauri crawls under Aki whose hand is still eagerly pleasing Pauli. Lauri licks the pre cum that’s formed before taking him deep into his mouth. Lauri’s hand soon returns to inside his boxers, his skirt rolled up around his waist. Eero starts recovering from his orgasm and lazily circles Pauli’s cock once again. It’s all Pauli needs to finish him off and he reaches his orgasm shaking and moaning. Eero sleepily licks his hand clean of Pauli’s cum as Aki takes his own hand away to brace himself against the floor bucking into Lauri’s hot mouth. Lauri and Aki find there release together. Lauri lets Aki’s cock slip form his mouth panting to get air into his lungs.
Pauli is the first one to speak, “That was some Christmas present.”