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Cowboys And Indians [Dec. 2nd, 2006|04:04 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Cowboys And Indians

Warning: sexual roleplay

“How do I look?” I scan over his body. There’s not a lot of clothes on him, which I love. Just a pair of cowboy boots, a white sequined cowboy hat and a pair of black leather chaps with nothing on underneath. He looks fucking hot.
“Going for the minimalist look?”
“No, more the easy access look really.” I lick my lips at the thought. Brian turns away from me posing in the full-length mirror. He’s so vain. I get back to what I’m doing and place the last red feather in my hair. I play with it until it’s perfect on me. I check my refection in the small mirror on the side. So I’m a bit vain too, but not even half as bad as Brian. “Come over here, I want to put the paint on you.”
I go over to the bed and I am pressed down on it. He reaches for the body paint and scans the paint colours. He takes some time to think but eventually picks the green.
Today I’m meant to be the Indian in our new role-play. He loves dressing up, and loves it even more when I join in. He buys me all these little things, hinting at what he wants. This time was the body paint and a tiny thong that I can only just fit everything into. I quite like this one though; it means I get more feathers.
Brian straddles my lap and squeezes dome of the paint onto his fingers. He begins at my shoulder and drags his fingers down to my nipples, circling them. The cold of the paint makes me gasp and squirm. I see a dirty grin pass over his lips, clearly this is what he wants, and then he starts grinding his hip into my own. I feel my blood rush down and pool around my groin, making me gasp again as I feel myself harden. He knows exactly what to do to me. His still paint laden fingers gently scratch down to my hip before he gets off me. He looks over me and the dirty grin is back.
“Very nice,” he says as he admires his work. I start feeling cold and want him back on top of me. He goes and wipes off his hands before returning to sit on my hips again. He looks so sexy sitting up there, his eyes greedily roaming my body. I need to have him now. I run my hands lightly over his thighs making him moan and I see his cock begin to harden. I know his body well too. I gently play with his balls for a while until he starts getting frustrated, his cock hard and throbbing against his stomach.
“Fuck me Lauri.” He leans down and gives me a blistering kiss. Our tongues tangling and dancing with each other. He starts pumping his tongue in and out of my mouth mimicking what he wants me to do with him. He slides down my body making my cock grow harder. He gets to my tiny thong and bites slightly on my hip making me buck my hips trying to signal to him what I want. Our eyes meet for a moment, his glazed and darkened in lust. He grabs the sides of my thong and slips it down allowing my cock to spring free. He moves his body back up after throwing the thong into the corner of the room, unneeded any more. He rubs our crotches together once more and I get more and more excited. I just want to be in this body now.
“Ready for more?” He kisses and nips at my ear as I nod.
“For some reason I really want to say ‘Ride Me Cowboy’” I accidentally let out. I giggle slightly at my words despite the pain coming from in between my legs.
“If you do I’ll nick your feathers.” I automatically shut up. I love my feathers! He gets up and leans on his knees. Just hovering his body over my aching cock. I start moaning and gasping as he places it inside his willing body. The tightness around me feels so good. He starts riding me, bouncing up and down on my cock as I buck my hips up to meet his thrusts. He rides me harder and faster, his head thrown back in pure ecstasy, his tongue just peaking out to wet his dry lips. I feel my orgasm take shape in my stomach and I know I won’t last much longer. I grab his bouncing cock and stroke it hard and fast. I cum screaming his name, shooting my cum deep inside of him. I soon feel his muscles tighten as he comes hard in my hand.