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Doctors And Nurses [Dec. 2nd, 2006|03:56 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Doctors And Nurses

Warning: Crossdressing, sexual roleplay

“Why do I have to be the nurse?”
“Because you look so sexy in a dress.” Aki comes up and kisses my neck. He does it to calm me down, he knows my weak spots. Damn him.
“But PVC?” I still have a half-hearted whinge at him; still don’t see why I have to be in a dress.
“It shows off you body better. Are you wearing boxers?” I nod back at him. “Take them off.” I groan but comply. It’s his fantasy and I did say I would do anything, but I didn’t think I would be wearing a PVC nurse’s uniform when I agreed to this. I look like a hooker at a fancy dress party, things you do for love. Aki, of course, looks so sexy in that white coat though. Just a few buttons undone, showing off a bit of his chest, just hinting at what’s underneath. Hey! He’s wearing trousers, that’s unfair.
“Aki why do you get to wear trousers?”
“Don’t worry; they’ll be off before we start.” I turn around and finish putting on my lipstick. This is another part of all of this; I have to be in full make up. I don’t mind it so much but I have no idea why he brought me an ugly shade of bright red for lipstick. Doesn’t he know how unflattering it is against my skin tone?
Right, all ready. I turn around as Aki throws his trousers into a corner. I’m very pleased that they’ve gone; I can now see his muscular legs. He whistles at me as I stand up.
“Told you. You really do look sexy in that dress.” I blush a deep red. “Come on nurse, let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”
I shift around in the dress, “Couldn’t we dress into something more comfortable instead?”
“Stop moaning. We really need to do something about your mouth though.”
“What’s wrong with it?” I start worrying about what I look like, maybe I smudged my lipstick.
“Nothing wrong as such, but we need to shut it up. It could be put to better use elsewhere.” He holds my hand and drags me to our bedroom.
“What are you implying doctor?” I’m starting to get the hang of this. It’s sort of fun in a way. Plus I want to know what my mouth will be doing.
“Come on Nurse Ylönen; get your sexy little arse into my office. I have something I need to talk to you about.” He pulls us into our bedroom before shutting the door and taking me by surprise. He pushes me up against the door and presses his lips against mine; he then pushes his tongue into my willing mouth. I’m a bit taken back at first until I start getting into the kiss more. Feeling his eager tongue and lips against mine makes me melt into him. He gives me the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced, our hands roaming each other’s bodies. As I suck on his tongue, I feel him harden against my thigh.
As we break the kiss and gasp for air he whispers next to my ear, “What else can we do with that mouth of yours?”
I give him a cheeky grin, “You’ll see.” I spin him around so his back’s is now pressed against the door and start sucking and licking at his neck until Aki lets out a loud moan. I love it when he moans and screams my name; I feel pleasure spark around my body every time he does it.
I nip at his earlobe and whisper hoarsely, “Costumes on or off?” I bring up my knee and rub my thigh against his hard crotch making him gasp and close his eyes in pleasure.
“On.” He manages to get out. Shit. I was hoping I would be able to ditch the dress. Aki’s eyes open slightly and I get his eye contact. I keep the eye contact with him as I kneel down in front of him. I kiss his thighs lightly, slowly working my way up to the edge of his coat. I start undoing the bottom buttons until his cock is freed. I kiss around his hips near his erection but I never touch it. His hips start to buck. I wink at him and I lick around his cock causing him to groan. I tease him a bit more before putting the head of his cock into my mouth and lick the pre-cum that’s formed. He leans his head back and lets out a relieved moan. I start to suck and feel my cock harden. I lift my dress so I can get access to it.
“Stop!” Stop? Why does he want me to stop? “Don’t worry I just had a better idea.” I take my mouth away from his cock making him groan in disappointment. I let go of my own cock and push back down the dress, which is now even more annoying and uncomfortable. “Stand up,” he orders me. I do as he says. “Now go to the edge of the bed and lean over on your hands.” I think I like where this is going. I walk over and do it. I spread my legs as far as possible before being stopped by the tight PVC. I swear at it under my breath and Aki laughs slightly at me. He walks over and lifts the dress up allowing me to spread my legs a bit more. I can feel his cock against me. He starts slowly pushing into me until he fills me. I love the feeling. He grabs my hips to hold me steady as he starts thrusting into me. I feel bolts of pleasure flow though me as he starts thrusting faster and harder. We start moaning out each other’s names and try to force more air into my lungs. I feel myself get closer to cumming as Aki starts falling out of rhythm. I feel my cock jolt as my orgasm runs though me. I feel Aki cumming deep inside of me before collapsing on top of me. My arms give out and we fall onto the bed still panting heavily. I turn my head and spot our reflection in the mirror nearby. I instantly burst out laughing. I look such a state. My lipsticks been smudged around my mouth and my dress is rolled up. Aki rolls off me and gives me a funny look. He doesn’t look much better than I do; he has my lipstick smeared over his face too. I point it out to him and he starts giggling too.
“So did you like being the nurse in the end?”
“I suppose it has its benefits, but you’re wearing the dress next time.”