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Drummer Boys [Nov. 21st, 2006|11:48 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Drummer Boys

Everyone assumes that Steve is the straight one in Placebo. If only they knew. He’s my gorgeous boyfriend. I love him to bits. I am waiting for him to come from his tour, which was way too long for my liking. I miss him sleeping next to me at night. His breathing sets me at ease. I miss his touch, exploring my body. I’ve been like a love sick puppy since he’s been away. We talk on the phone but it’s just not the same as having him with me. Watching his perfect lips form the words, cuddling up to him when he does something sweet. It all the little things he does that I miss. His smile, the way he’s so romantic. I get a single red rose every week we are parted. I check over the place. I want it to look perfect for him. I have cleaned up the place, which is very rare for me, I’m very messy. Put my latest rose in the best vase I could find and put it in the middle of the living room table. It looks like a show home, perfect, nothing out of place. He’s loves every thing to be clean in its proper place. It’s what we have the most fights about but I am determined to make a big effort this time. I have done something special in our bedroom. I’ve scattered rose petals around the place with theses new black satin sheets I’ve only recently brought. I hope he likes it. I just want him to be happy, I live to please him. I check myself in the mirror. I want to be perfect for him too. I look at the clock nervously. He should be here in one minute but knowing my luck he traffic will be bad. I stand frozen to the spot, just staring at the door, watching and waiting for my love to walk back through the door and back into my life. I hear a set of keys fiddling with the lock. It’s him, or it’s someone trying to brake in. The safe bet says it’s Steve. As he opens the door I get filled with excitement and jump on him. He staggers about a bit to try and get used to the extra weight. Once he finds his feet I start a blistering kiss, trying to release some of the tension I’ve been carrying. Trying to show how much I missed him and how much I love him, all in one kiss. It’s not possible but its fun trying. Our tongues rub together frantically. It feels so good, so right. He’s exactly where he should be, in my arms. I break for air, our foreheads leaning against each other, getting lost in each other’s eyes for a few seconds that feel like a life time.
“Miss me then?”
“More than you could ever imagine.”
“I’m back now Aki, up for some fun?”
I giggle and lead him up the stairs to give him more pleasure.