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Learning To Dance [Nov. 21st, 2006|11:43 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Learning To Dance

“You can’t dance.”
“Yes I can!”
“No, really, you can’t. I’ve seen the festival video; you know when you played Liquid.” He pouts, how cute. I love the thought that I can corrupt this cute little pet’s mind. I love making him scream and teaching him how to make me scream. His talented lips and tongue enjoy disagreeing with me as much as they enjoy giving me pleasure.
“I can dance!”
“Show me then little one.”
“You know I hate being called little one Ville.” I sigh, so disobedient.
“OK Lauri. Show me.” He jumps up and gives me a huge smile. So eager. He’s always like this. Aki teaches him something on tour and he shows me as soon as he’s through the door. He thinks I don’t know he loves Aki but I can see very clearly through him. I’m just a person to use. We use each other. I use him as a very sexy little pet; he uses me to show Aki what he could have. It works for both of us.
He runs off and puts on some Bjork. Never got her music but my little pet loves her so I don’t argue. He dances around and is terrible. He gives me an evil look when I let out a little laugh. “You’re a bad dancer Lauri. Admit it.” He straddles my lap and wraps his arms around my neck.
“I suppose you think you’re a good dancer yes?”
“You know I am. I know you watch the Right Here In My Arms video and get off to it.” He goes all red and shy. Bless. I hear him mumble something but I don’t quite catch it. “Sorry Lauri, I can’t hear.”
He leans forward and whispers, “Teach me to dance then.” My little pet wants to learn and I’m very happy to teach him. I push him off my lap and make him stand where I want him. “Just copy me.” I can feel his intense gaze on me as I start to move. Soon he’s copying me perfectly. He starts getting good by the end of the song. The next one is a slow song so I pull him close and he buries his head in my neck. I feel warm tears drift down to my back and small sobs in my ear. My little pet’s crying. I stroke his back to try to calm him but it doesn’t work. He pulls away from me and looks down to the floor. “Ville there’s something I need to tell you,” He mumbles through his choked sobs, “It’s about me and Aki.” I silence him by putting my finger to his lips.
“I know my pet.”
“Shhh, I just do.”
“I’m so sorry Ville.”
“No need to be sorry, it’s OK. One more dance?”
He nods sadly as get lost into each other for the last time.