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The End [Nov. 21st, 2006|11:24 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


The End

My mind’s so blurred right now, I can’t think. No, this can’t be happening. You wouldn’t do that to me. We are meant to be together forever. You wouldn’t cheat. You promised me I’m the only one for you. You lied to me. Why did you do that? I thought you loved me. I was wrong. I hear you trying to tell me that I’m the only one you love. He meant nothing to you. I clearly mean nothing to you or else you wouldn’t have done it. We always said that cheating was the worse thing someone could do in a relationship. You say you can’t possibly know what I feel like. Your damn right you don’t. You’ve inflicted all this pain on me. For what? All because you weren’t thinking. I’m sorry but that’s the worse excuse you could have given me. I think about you all the time, you clearly don’t do the same about me. Don’t even think about touching me. All the touches and soothing words in the world couldn’t cure me from this pain you’ve caused. It can’t make it right, un-break my heart, change what you did, make me forgive you. I bet everyone knew didn’t they? Don’t try and deny it, I can’t believe a word you say. I feel so humiliated. You’ve killed me. I’m just an empty shell of the man I once was. No love inside to make me yours. Make me change my mind. You can beg all you want. I never want to see you again. As you walk out the door I know this is the last time I shall ever see you. You’ll never come back, I won’t let you. You’ve decided on this my darling.