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Quiet Heart [Nov. 21st, 2006|11:18 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Quiet Heart

You don’t talk to me any more. You’re in a state of constant silence. Not letting any one hear your pain. You’re suffering alone. You chosen it to be this way, I don’t know why. All I want you to do is speak up, tell me. You don’t confide in me any more. I know you, the hurt you hide. You’re worried I can see that you’re suffering. You have avoided me since that night. You were screaming, so I went to your bunk to check on you. I found you curled up crying your eyes out. I held on to you, stroked your hair, rocked you, and tried to comfort you. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t need an explanation, I already knew. He doesn’t deserve you, but you love him and would never listen if I told you so I just kept silent. The next day you told me, “I’m OK now Pauli, I was just over reacting.” With those words I knew he had got you again. You fall so easily under his spell. Don’t you see he doesn’t love you; he’s just playing with you. You don’t need his mind games, the things he puts you through, you don’t need him at all. You need someone who will love you no matter what, look after you and protect you. That’s why I’ll put up with the silence and will still be here waiting for you when he finally breaks your heart for good. I’ll be there the one here to pick up the pieces and try and put them back together again. Aki why can’t you see I am the one?