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Stay With Me [Nov. 21st, 2006|11:13 pm]
Kerr's Fan Fics


Stay With Me

“Why won’t you stay?”
“It’s best for both of us Lauri, we can’t go on like this, I’m sick of the arguments, I don’t want to lose you as a friend. It’s best in the long run.”
“B-but Pauli I love you! And I know you love me too.”
“I do Lintu, I always will, but I can’t do it anymore. I have to do this for us. I hope you can understand one day.”
“Make me understand.”
“Lintu. We want different things and we seem to spend most of our time arguing because of it.”
“We can sort it out.”
“We’ve tried! It hasn’t worked. You will be miserable if I stay, we can’t be together openly. I know it means a lot to you, more than you let on.”
“Well we could…”
“No Lintu. We talked about this before. I can’t do it. I would lose so much. My family and friends would never talk to me again.”
“You don’t know that.”
“I do know! Lintu you know they will, they’ve done it before.”
“Yes and you survived.”
“Only because I went back to them. Lintu, you mean the world to me, you deserve the best in life. Now wipe your eyes and be good. I have to go. You’ll thank me one day.”
“I’m I not enough for you?”
“Not anymore Lintu.”